Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Autumn Fun without the Food

Autumn and Halloween can be fun without a focus on food. Here are two free printables to enjoy as a family.

Bobble Head

While looking for the small steps to big milestones gained, find the graceful moments to keep you going. Here’s a video to help babies gain head control.

Made for Another World

Have you ever stared at the mountains and wondered how they got there? Or watched the waves of the ocean crash on the sand as if they were speaking to you?

Providential Hands

Life can throw us curve balls. Just when you think everything will line up smoothly and all the ducks are in a row behind your marching orders, here comes life with a gust of wind to undue your hard work. Maybe, just maybe that gust of wind is a breath of fresh air. Jeremiah 29:11… Continue reading Providential Hands

Dark Rooms, Part 1

This post contains affiliated links. Memories exude a color in my mind. Darkness is the only way to describe a week I did not expect in our journey to a diagnosis with Elsa. I frequented our pediatrician weekly for weight checks. I pulled myself together for each visit and thoughtfully placed Elsa in her car… Continue reading Dark Rooms, Part 1

Survive or Thrive

The first time you meet your child is one of the best moments in life. So new, so naive, vulnerable, and reliant on innate instincts of the human condition. You would think motherhood would come naturally. You would think breastfeeding and understanding your babies every little noise would be instinct. If you’re a mother, you know… Continue reading Survive or Thrive

Sixth Sense

All humans have five major senses to engage with the world. These senses let us explore and interact with our surroundings, the physical world that we can enhance with our smell, taste, touch, sound, and sight. What about that gut feeling, the intuition or discernment of a situation? Is that our sixth sense? Day two… Continue reading Sixth Sense

Pink Dinosaurs

One of the best things about church, not only in your home town, but the big Church around the globe is that there are people everywhere praying and supporting you. Angela is one that after moving from Juneau to Anchorage continues to be a great support. She was there in the hospital as David, my… Continue reading Pink Dinosaurs