Autumn Fun without the Food

With our move to a new city came a love of Autumn. Our last city was full of cold rain and then snow. We rarely saw the beauty of fall leaves and the lingering of crisp mornings. This city is so full of yellow and orange birch leaves, it’s really a site to behold.

This year Halloween will look different for most families. For our family Halloween activities are always different. Our oldest has a nut and peanut allergy. Our youngest has PWS and it really is not best for her to eat any candy or chocolate of any kind. An open mind and creativity are a must! Here are a few items we have at our house for candy alternatives. And at the bottom of the page is a free pdf printable to take with you and get the focus off the candy and more on the fun of being dressed up with friends and family.

Candy Alternatives:

  • Halloween or Autumn festival temporary tattoos
  • Festive stickers
  • Wrist smackers or bracelets and necklaces
  • Vampire teeth
  • Small festive stamps
  • Small Halloween craft kits
  • Glow sticks
  • Small coloring book with 4 crayons
  • Festive pencils
  • Festive small erasers
  • Small Play-dough
  • Halloween notepads
  • Small bag of popcorn (no sugar balls)

My kids love to take walks and look for things on their way. The walks are a lot longer and they enjoy being outside for a treasure hunt. Consider laminating these to take on a cold or rainy walk. For a little more fun on a special night, see who can get the most crossed off the list and get a candy alternative treat for the win. You can laminate them as well to keep safe from rain and use a dry-erase marker to check off each item found.

Halloween night can be fun without a focus on candy. During our plight to hunt down full size candy bars for our boys, little Elsa can try to find all the costumes on our list. Of course she will go door to door as well but we can turn attention to another activity too. At the end of our night we will likely trade in her candy for the other fun items I’ll have on hand at the house. Since she hasn’t had candy, I think this will be easier for her to trade. I hope you all have fun this Halloween no matter what it looks like for your family.

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